Friday, July 2, 2010

Volume Four, Number Six

The picture on this blog of me is me, folks. That's me. But the birds aren't.

They belong to my best friend Tigs. We have been friends like forever. And her birds are like so super-cool.

They are African Gray Parrots. Their names are Princess and Krak'r.

Krak'r can fly and fly like Rocket "Rocky" J. Squirrel. He is incredible to watch.

Now Princess, she is still having problems with flight but she will get there.

And they are the neatest birds to be around. They are by the way as intelligent as
dolphins and whales. I actually can hold conversations with them.

Princess is in love with me by the way. She wants to have my eggs. I haven't a clue why but she has latched on to me big time. She also too always wants to fix my hair.

And as some of you know I also have an 11-year old cat. Her name is "Baby" and she is the "cat from Hades". But Baby and the birds get along fine, great actually. If Krak'r hasn't seen Baby in a while he calls for her, Baby comes out and then she and the birds have a conversation.

I know it sounds weird but if you ever spent an afternoon with me, Tigs' birds and my cat you would see it.

So why am I talking about the birds this time out? Well I figure it would be a good reason to put up a "Birdman" cartoon. That was such a cool cartoon. It was done by Hanna Barbara which were not exactly known for the best animation but still; I loved it.

So now you folks know who the birds are. One of these days I might talk about my demon cat. That would give me a good excuse to put up a "Top Cat" cartoon. I loved that one, too.

Have a great day, folks.

Jonathan "A" Gilbert

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comicgrl24 said...

loved TOP CAT, too!