Wednesday, June 23, 2010

SeajayVentures and Star Verse Comics Team Up for Project

Jonathan "A" Gilbert of SeajayVentures (the creative arm of Red Lion Publications) and Ryan Crouse of Star Verse Comics are pleased to announce that they will be teaming up to publish a two-issue limited series that will feature the pencils of up and coming talent David Johnson Jr.

Set in the universe of Mr. Crouse's TechStorm character the tale will take place between issues one and two of TechStorm: Rages of War.

"We don't want to give away too much info as yet but the storyline will involve Ryan's TechStorm characters, a hero called SwiftStar and my Destiny character" states Mr. Gilbert.
"And as an added bonus we will bringing Destiny back in his original uniform as designed by Lloyd Smith, publisher of the gone but still much loved Blue Moon Comics Group".

For more information on Star Verse Comics you can visit . Jonathan "A" Gilbert has worked in the comics industry since 1989 and is currently writing a blog at .

Ryan Crouse can be contacted at and Jonathan "A" Gilbert can be reached at .

Volume Four, Number Two

Sorry for the delay, folks. Once more I have had computer troubles.

Next installment I want to wrap up the whole MLJ/Archie Adventure Series serial that has been dragging on like forever. This time out though I am gonna do a long over due review of a comic by my buddy Ryan Crouse at Star Verse Comics.
TECHSTORM: RAGES OF WAR Vol. 1 No. 2. For ordering information visit .
I have known a lot of small press creators in my time and my buddy Ryan Crouse is right up there with Lloyd Smith as being both talented and an A+1 guy. Check out his website and you will see all the neat stuff that he does.
As for this particular comic; well, it is a fun read. The artwork may not be to every one's liking but for me I enjoyed it from beginning to end.

Basically it is a high tech sci fi tale that is full of action, fun dialogue, cool layout designs and other neat stuff. I am not gonna give the story away here; not by a long shot. But I will recommend it.
You can also order the comic through Ian Shire's Dimestore Productions
( ) and there is a pdf version if ya wanna read it online.
So if ya want a fun comic to read definitely pick this up; or any other comic by Ryan. I love Donar myself but they are all fun reads.
Well I am sorry for the short review folks but I am busier than heck this week. I will at one point talk about what I am now doing. Maybe I will do that next time out and then wrap up the MLJ serial. We shall see.
Take care and have a good week.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

E-Dispatches Special Notice!

Sorry I have been absent folks. To be quite honest between the three moves in seven months plus my health issues it kind of kicked the poop outta me.

I am starting to feel better now and in the next week or two I hope to put up a long awaited review of a StarVerse comic my buddy Ryan sent me and then after that wrap up that whole MLJ thing.

Sorry about neglecting everyone but I have not been well at all at all as The Groovy Agent will attest to. Doing better now though and back on track with lots of stuff.

And speaking of Ol' Groove, thanx, buddy, for that great Heap piece. That's my fave comic folks; plain and simple. And Groove did it justice. You are the best.

Well gotta run. I do live folks despite the rumours otherwise. Just been a real sick puppy lately. Take care and see ya all in a couple of weeks.

Jonathan "A" Gilbert