Sunday, July 4, 2010

Volume Four, Number Seven

I have a childhood guilty pleasure that I need to confess to today. Back in the 60s and 70s I not only used to read "Mike Shayne Mystery Magazine" but I loved it as much as I did comics.

Now if you aren't familiar with Mike Shayne you can find out more by visiting My father introduced me to Mike Shayne. He wasn't a fan of the hard boiled detectives mind you-his buddy Jim Query was-but my father wanted me to try something else other than comics. (He didn't feel that my reading books on Norse and Greek mythology was that much more different than reading comics). Now he tried to introduce me to novels set in W.W. II with little success and while he did get me to read a Hammon Innes book I wasn't impressed.

So one day when we were in a place called The News Depot in downtown London Ontario Canada he came over to me and said "Why not buy this?.".

And what he had in his had was an issue of Mike Shayne Mystery Magazine. Well I took it home, read it and immediately fell in love with the character.

To be honest with you I don't know why. Maybe it was just something different. I have never been a bit fan of that kind of thing and am still not to this day. But Mike Shayne touched me somehow. To the point where when I was legal drinking age I was ordering Mike's favourite drink...a Sidecar which consists of cognac, an orange liqueur (preferably triple sec) and lemon juice. I loved those drinks way back in the 70s. Got lots of weird looks among my beer drinking buddies but I didn't care. I wanted to be like my hero Mike Shayne.

Now Mike's adventures were pretty basic, pretty girls, gangsters, lotsa fist fights-Mike would get knocked out at least once a tale-but surprisingly real little gun play. He was kind of a calmer version of Mike Hammer.

I would love at some point in my career to do a Mike Shayne comic. I think DELL did one once. There was also a Mike Shayne radio show in the forties, 11 Mike Shayne movies and a TV show that ran for one season (1960/61)..

Never saw any of them nor did I ever hear the radio show. Maybe my webmaster might be able to find them and put them up. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

And I still like Mike Shayne. I have a bunch of Mike Shayne paperbacks and I still occasionally read the old issues of Mike Shayne Mystery Magazine that I have. I don't drink Sidecars anymore.

Well, maybe I will try one again one day. For Mike. For old time's sake.

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