Thursday, August 18, 2011

E-Dispatches Summer Surprise!

Despite my long absence from this space I have not given up on writing "E-Dispatches from the Great White North!". Basically, these past few months I have been busy as heck with work. As well as trying to get Red Lion Publications up and running-a daunting task by any one's standards I'd like to believe-I have been developing and negotiating new endeavours for Red Lion's parent company SeajayVentures and working on some freelance writing assignments.
One assignment I have been working on is for my buddy Ryan Crouse's company, Starverse Comics. Titled "Techstorm: New Friends, Old Foes it is a two-issue story set in the Techstorm Universe that teams up my and Lloyd Smith's Destiny character from our Blue Moon Comics Group days and Techstorm plus introduces a character i developed some years back for Starverse named SwiftStar. The pencils are by David Johnson Jr. with the inks and letters by Ryan Crouse. We haven't get a release date set as yet but we done have some t-shirts and other accessories available online. They can be purchased either at or through the Starverse website at or through Ryan at .
Another freelance assignment I have been working on is "Kendra: Dracula's Daughter" for Red Leaf Comics and is currently being sold at . Created and written by me with art and letters by Seppo Makinen the comic is set in 1967 during the "Summer of Love" and deals with the exploits of a young woman who was adopted by Dracula as a child and in later years turned against the Lord of the Undead. The online version of the comic sells for 99 cents and the print version for $1.99.
So as you can see I have been quite busy. My hope is that once things slow down a bit I will be able to return here on a more regular basis. 'Til then though I will try to periodically drop by and bring everyone up to date. Until next time, take care.
Jonathan "A" Gilbert.