Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Volume Four, Number One

Yes, I am back. I am really, really, really back this time. Promise.

So, why "Vol. 4", you ask? Well, I could say that it has been so long since I've written an "E-Dispatches" that I've forgotten what number I was at (and was just to darn lazy to look it up.). Truth be told though since the last installment of this column I have moved.

Yup! That's right, folks! The Jazzy One has finally managed to flee the purgatory known as Port Stanley Ontario Canada (with purgatory in this case meaning "a place without a comics shop") and has put down roots in the exciting, thriving metropolis of Waterloo, Ontario Canada (a place with lots of comics shops and a couple or three famous comics creators). So I figured as a move such as the one I made often results in a new perspective on life why not reflect that in E-Dispatches by starting with a new "number one".

Now, how exactly this will transfer into the body-proper of this column I can't say as yet; mainly because, well, I don't quite know myself. I can though promise that in the coming installments of "E-Dispatches" it will be an interesting adventure for both you and me. I hope everyone will stick around for the ride.

Now, before I sign off I have some house cleaning issues-for lack of a better term-that I want to cover.

First, yes; I will be wrapping up the whole "MLJ/Red Circle" serial (and also eventually expanding it into book form) soon. It has to be honest dragged on longer than I had originally planned it to and while the response to it has been fantastic and much appreciated I do want to move on to new stuff in this new volume of "E-Dispatches". So look for that to wind up in the not to distant future.

Next-and just as important-is the subject of deadlines. For the time being this column will be appearing on an irregular basis until I get into a regular writing routine. I've only been in Waterloo now for less than a week-arriving Sunday November 29th 2009-and while I am pretty much settled into my new digs now I still have to find some paying writing gigs to put food on the plate and a roof over my head. So until that happens I am going to be putting my non-paying endeavors (which includes "E-Dispatches from the Great White North!") in the "whenever I have a spare moment" file. That means also that I won't be putting the same amount of research into this column for the next little while that I normally do. Instead I will be taking a more chatty, informal approach much like I am doing here or in my personal emails to all my favourite pals and gals.

Another thing I intend to do here for a couple installments is twist the arm of a few of my friends to see if they'd be interested in writing a guest installment or two of "E-Dispatches". Lucky Lloyd? Sir Steve? PDR, Mr. Mike R.? Richard V.? Any takers? Offer's open, people. And maybe, just maybe, I could get my webmaster to find a public domain comic or two and post it here for everyone to read (with of course a brief into to it by yours truly). Sky's the limit actually so we'll just see what happens over the next few weeks. Suggestions are welcomed and needed.

Now, next, to the future once I am back on track. First, as said earlier I will be wrapping up the "MLJ/RED CIRCLE" serial though as yet I can't say when. Also too I will be reviewing a comic that was sent to me by my buddies at Star_Verse while I was in mid-move. I have read it and loved it though and strongly recommend anything published by Star_Verse as just plain fun comics reading.

Besides those two things I am not quite sure what I will be doing as yet once I get settled into a routine. I can say though I will be doing more "E-Dispatches Exclusives" down the line so if you read this other than at be sure to visit that website from time to time to see what is happening.

So I guess that's it, Super-Folks. Questions, comments, statements, pan mail, everything that you can imagine is definitely welcome in my email mailbox so feel free to contact me at... .

I'm done. Time to go look for some paying work. See everyone soon.