Saturday, June 5, 2010

E-Dispatches Special Notice!

Sorry I have been absent folks. To be quite honest between the three moves in seven months plus my health issues it kind of kicked the poop outta me.

I am starting to feel better now and in the next week or two I hope to put up a long awaited review of a StarVerse comic my buddy Ryan sent me and then after that wrap up that whole MLJ thing.

Sorry about neglecting everyone but I have not been well at all at all as The Groovy Agent will attest to. Doing better now though and back on track with lots of stuff.

And speaking of Ol' Groove, thanx, buddy, for that great Heap piece. That's my fave comic folks; plain and simple. And Groove did it justice. You are the best.

Well gotta run. I do live folks despite the rumours otherwise. Just been a real sick puppy lately. Take care and see ya all in a couple of weeks.

Jonathan "A" Gilbert

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