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Volume Five, Number One

VOLUME FIVE                                                                  NUMBER ONE

                                                     from the
                                              GREAT WHITE NORTH!
                                                Jonathan A. Gilbert
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    After finally have gotten myself into some kind of routine since I moved back to London Ontario (Canada) on April 30th 2013 I decided at the beginning of this year to revive this column. I've always enjoyed writing E-Dispatches as, except for "Did you know about...?" which I wrote for the Middlesex Banner newspaper back in 2004-2006 I never had a publisher dictating to me what I should or should not write about. I've always found that to be a drag as a writer and often cramping my creative process.
     This time out (meaning volume 5) I plan to take a broader approach to the subjects I will be writing about. As well as discussing comics and pubulp history plus reviewing comics sent my way as I have in the past I also plan to discuss my decades as a published writer (since 1974) and occasional editor and publisher; not only in the comics industry but also in newspaper and magazines. Not only will I be mentioning all the weird and wonderful stuff that has happened to me during my career but I will some of the difficulties I have gone though. Oh yeah; and expressing my opinion on lotsa stuff.
     My hope is that this will end up being an enjoyable ride for everyone. I've never really taken the time to side down and reflect on my life as a writer and as I will be 59 this coming April I guess it is long overdue. Sure beats writing an autobiography. Those take forever to work on and I am too busy having  fun doing other stuff.
       So stick around folks. For the time being this column will only be a monthly but as time permits I will start increasing its frequency. Talk with ya next time.
Jonathan A. Gilbert is a freelance writer and lives in London Ontario Canada. He can be contacted by email at

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