Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Volume Three, Number Sixteen

WALL OF ANGELS: THE FRANCHISE (Part five of six) #5: Published by Twentytosix Books. Price: $2.50. Full colour cover with 24 black and white pages. Written and lettered by Anthony Garcia with art by Reno Maniquis and cover colour by Brian Miller (Hi-Fi Design).
With the story of this comic being part five of six I thought that it might be a bit difficult to follow what was going on. But upon reading the "Previously in Wall of Angels" synopsis on the inside front cover I knew that wasn't going to be the case.

The synopsis begins, "Wall of Angels is a series of inter-related story arcs that explores the boundaries between technology and mythology, science and superstition.." and then goes on to explain the events of the previous four issues where the struggle for control over what is called "E-Suit technology" took place between its creator and the head of the United States' national security. Actually, the synopsis goes into much more detail that I have here but for me to explain any further might deprive you of the same initial enjoyment of this well crafted comic that I got. Anthony Garcia's writing is superb with great story-telling and excellent dialogue that kept me on the edge of my seat from beginning to end. The story is equally matched by Reno Maniguis' stunning artwork that not only is a delight to look at but also is top notch in its visual presentation of the story.

This is a good, nope, scratch that, great read, folks. It's fun, fast paced, tightly written and everything else you could hope for in a comic. My only complaint about "Wall of Angels" #5 is the lettering. Anthony Garcia, on a few occasions, divides the words up from line to line within the word balloons. My guess is that this happened because Anthony put the balloons on the page and then lettered them afterward (instead of the other way around which is the conventional practice). While that's a very minor quibble from this comics writer/editor's perspective it takes away from the otherwise professional quality of this comic as well as the otherwise smooth reading of the story. It is a tad distracting, shall we say.

Still, don't let that dissuade you from picking up this comic. If there is only one comic that you are going to buy between now and the end of the year let it be "Wall of Angels" #5. It's that good, folks. And if after you've read it and you want to read the previous four issues you can find out how to order them online by visiting www.twentytosix.com or you can get your local retailer to order a few copies at a discount by visiting www.twentytosix.com/retailer.html with no minimum orders and no shipping charges. Buy this comic, people. You'll be glad you did.
That's it for this installment of E-Dispatches. There will be no column the first week in November as I have some personal matters to take care of but I'll be back the second week with two installments. While you are waiting for my return why not pay a visit to http://diversionsofthegroovykind.blogspot.com and see what neat stuff my buddy The Groovy Agent has to say about comics of the 1970s. See you all in a couple of weeks.

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