Monday, September 8, 2008

Volume Three, Number Six

Things were busier than normal at the Gilbert Homestead last week so this week I'll be sending out two installments of E-Dispatches.

ITEM: One of the great things about having this column appear as a blog is that people can post comments after each installment. So far though comments have been few and far between so I've decided to start up a little contest of sorts to stir things up a bit.There'll be no prizes but hopefully it will result in some participation from you readers.

Basically the contest for you readers to tell me what comics company that existed between say the 1930s and 1955 was the most innovative and why. Do you think for example that Quality lived up to its name? Or maybe in your opinion Timely showed the most originality as a comics publisher? Post your comments at the end of this blog and let everyone know.

As for my choice I'd have to say Magazine Enterprises and as for why, I'll be writing about that in a future column.

Oh. If you are reading this installment at or elsewhere you can head to the blog by clicking on .

ITEM: As this installment is to be a short one I thought I'd conclude it by mentioning what is scheduled for upcoming E-Dispatches.Next time out I plan to review the Fantastic Four: Beginning of the End trade paperback and that will be coming out later this week. For the third week of September I'll be doing a piece on Magazine Enterprises and then for the fourth week of September I intend to write a commentary on DC's licensing the rights for the MLJ action characters from Archie Comic Publications. For those of you who aren't aware I'm a mega fan of those characters-and totally despised the Impact! line from DC some years back-so you might want to be hear for what I have to say about DC's second attempt to revive my favourite characters.

After that installment, well, I'm not sure yet but I've got a few ideas that I still need to work out a bit. So I will see you later next week and while you are waiting you might want to check out the blog of my best buddy The Groovy Agent where he writes about all sorts of neat stuff related to comics of the 1970s. His blog can be found at .

See you later this week, folks.

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